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2023 Jefferson County Dairy Parade

2023 Jefferson County Dairy Parade from NBC Watertown. Click above to watch!

Our theme for the 2023 Jefferson County Dairy Parade is "Red, White and Moo!"  we'd love to have everyone join us in celebrating our "baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and ice cream culture in northern New York!" 

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The 2023 Jefferson County Dairy Parade is  Friday June 2 at 7pm in Watertown NY

To Watch the Parade:

1. The parade starts at Watertown High School on Washington Street and proceeds in to the City of Watertown. The parade turns left onto Clinton Street and ends in the Municipal Parking Lot.   We encourage the public to stretch out along the parade route. We encourage everyone to follow federal, state and local guidelines regarding staying safe and preventing the spread of COVID 19


2. We are excited to announce that NBC Watertown has agreed to broadcast the parade from 7 to 8pm on air!!!!  If you are not comfortable with being around others, you can watch the parade from the safety of your home! Just tune in to NBC Watertown on your TV.  If you can't pick up the channel on TV or you are at the parade and want to hear our announcers narrate the parade, you can watch the live stream of the Dairy Parade!  NBC Watertown will broadcast the Dairy Parade live.  









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