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Moooooving news


the parade!

NBC Watertown logo.png

NBC Watertown will broadcast the Jefferson County Dairy Parade on Friday June 4, 2021 starting at 7pm on both of their stations!  They'll also be livestreaming the parade on the internet.  So you can watch from home or listen to our parade master of ceremonies, "Country Kurt", talk about the parade as it goes by, while you are there!

COW_A_BUNGA! We are very excited to have Downbeat Percussion coming back this year!!


Announcing POLAR FLAME joining us for the First Time Ever!

A Moment of Remembrance and Healing

Local Bagpiper Jeff Forsythe will travel the parade route, just prior to the parade commencing, and provide a moment of remembrance and healing to our community, while playing Amazing Grace.  We encourage everyone to bring a candle, or light of some type, and share in this very special moment. You are invited to bring a photo of a friend or loved one who was lost during the pandemic and hold it up to the heavens above in remembrance of them.

You may want to bring a tissue too.

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